Data Visualization Designer

Pronounced /Ah-vra/

From the moment I learned the job rewarded perfection and beauty, I knew data vizualization was for me.

With a love of math AND art, I delight in drawing out the patterns within data, taking away everything extra so that their inherent beauty and insight shines forth. I specialize in taking the mundane, and making it compelling, turning bland into beautiful. I particular enjoy partnering with companies who recognize their ability and responsibility to do good in the world.

In my most recent role, as a data visualization designer at 7Park Data, a web and app data analytics company, I created visualizations for the blog, white papers, and demand-generated reports. This involved analyzing data and working cross-functionally to arrive at the most insightful stories and visualizations that any reader would understand and find interesting. In order to streamline the company’s visual identity and ensure consistency, I led the creation of 7Park Data’s brand guide and data visualization standards.

Born in Canada, San Francisco has been home since 2000. After evaluating air quality improvement projects for 6+ years, I decided to pursue my passion for building data visualizations and making information beautiful.

Outside of Information Design, I can be found scaling rocks (real and plastic), dancing, biking, and communing with nature.


Information Visualizer: "Devotion to the importance of data ultimately leads the information visualizer to investigate and render the underlying connections between the story and the numbers."