"I loved working with Avra at 7Park Data. She turns raw data into beautiful accurate visuals that tell a story and show the meaning of data in an accessible way. Avra is excited about her work and cares deeply about the outcomes. As a team player who delivers her best every time, Avra is an inspiration to everyone working with her."

Maria Kelly
Content Marketing Manager, 7Park Data

"It is with ease I write a recommendation for Avra Goldman. On short notice she quickly read and absorbed an enormous amount of information and produced a series of data visualization requirements for HelpMeSee's presentation for the IAPB General Assembly in Beijing, China. The materials were presented to the leadership of blindness prevention globally and were very well recognized as being accurate and easily interpreted regardless of the fact they were representative models of complex data sets. Avra demonstrated professional communication, reliable work flow and deliverables; always on time and on very short notice she made significant improvement to our public demonstration materials as required by HelpMeSee. We would happily work with Avra again if the need arises."

Matthew Walden
Clinical Research Coordinator, HelpMeSee Inc.

"Wow!" Repeatedly, that is what my customers say when they see my marketing materials! Avra's keen eye for design and aesthetics took my broad ideas, my general concepts, and laid them out in a way that seemed natural and obvious - there could be no other way, this was the clearest and cleanest presentation of my business. Beyond that, she incorporated my vision, the intangible essence of it, and put it on a postcard. Beautifully. In a way that shows the vision better than I can describe it! I can say without hesitation that the quality of her work accelerated my business by years, helping us put a highly professional face to the world long before we felt that way ourselves. We are indebted to her, grateful for her, and can say without a doubt that working with her was one of the standout best decisions we made."

Ben Emmert-Aronson
Co-founder, Open Sourse Wellness

"I hired and managed Avra at 7Park Data. Avra was hired to develop and execute a data visualization strategy for the marketing team and the company. Avra took the initiative and worked closely with various stakeholders to implement the plan. She also worked with the Marketing and Research teams to take complex data sets and develop simple charts and visualizations for reports, demand generation material and reports. Avra’s creativity and leadership impacted both the marketing team and the larger company."

Natasha Wyatt
Former Head of Marketing/VP

7Park Data

From the moment I learned the job rewarded perfection AND beauty, I knew data vizualization was for me.

I delight in drawing out the natural patterns within data, taking away everything extra so that their inherent beauty and insight shines forth. I specialize in taking the mundane, and making it compelling, turning bland into powerful. I particular enjoy partnering with companies who recognize their ability and responsibility to do good in the world.

During the better part of 2016, I worked with 7Park Data to visualize user behavior trends for mobile apps. I am currently available for freelance or full time data visualization and inforgraphics design work, especially involving geographic data - I love making maps!

Born in Canada, San Francisco has been home since 2000. After evaluating air quality improvement projects for 6+ years, I decided to pursue my passion for building data visualizations and making information beautiful.

Outside of Information Design, I can be found scaling rocks (real and plastic), dancing, biking, and communing with nature.

Updated April 26, 2017